How do I contact you in between appointments?

E-mail with any concerning questions. Please keep in mind that I check e-mails Monday - Friday and try my best to respond within 24 hours. If your e-mail requires more than 5 minutes of my time to respond, I will contact your directly to book a followup appointment.  If you are experiencing an emergency, report to your nearest urgent care or hospital. 

I have new lab work. Do you need it?

Absolutely! Your lab work helps us track your progress and confirm suspected illnesses.  E-mail it to with "your name and lab work" written in the subject line. I will add it to your electronic medical records and contact you if we need to  make changes your healthcare plan accordingly. 

If I need supplements between appointments, how can I get them?

Your supplements can be ordered online and shipped to your door:

Your personal prescriptions can be found on your landing page but please e-mail me before buying non-prescribed supplements from Fullscript to ensure they act synergistically with your treatment plan. 

Do I still need to see my primary care physician if I am seeing you?

Yes. Collaborative care is best and you should continue to see your primary care provider due to the fact that, in state of North Carolina, NDs cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals, deliver vaccines, or order imaging.  However, my hope is to make your visitations to your primary care physician less frequent in order to lighten the medical load of both you and your MD/DO. 

What type of conditions do you treat?

Any condition can be helped with naturopathic care. Book a 15 minute meet & greet on the Appointments & Programs page if you have specific questions about your ailments before committing to an initial appointment and beginning your naturopathic journey. 

Are there additional expenses besides the appointments? 

That depends on you and your case.  The majority of patients require herbal medicine or supplements of some type which are not included in the appointment price.  A minority require additional lab work.  We are very transparent with pricing, so there are no surprise hidden fees here at Leander Naturopathy. 

Do you accept insurance?

Contact your insurance company directly to see what they will or will not cover for Naturopathic medicine.  Health Savings Accounts and Flexible spending Plans can be used for our services and supplements.  If your insurance does not cover naturopathic medicine, keep in mind that many patients end up saving money over time through reduced medications, less time off work, and prevention of future health problems. 

Are you available for speaking engagements?

Yes! I love speaking to professional and community audiences about naturopathic medicine.  Please e-mail with your group name, purpose behind the speaking event, goals for the talk, expected number of participants, length of talk needed, and available dates/times.