"Naturopathic medicine is new to me and I want to be sure it's the right fit before I commit."


Beautiful. I'm glad you're here. Sign up for a free 15 minute Meet & Greet with me to ensure we will work well together before starting on your journey towards optimum health.


Comprehensive Initial Intake

computer desktop meeting comprehensive initial intake dr. Chelsea Leander naturopathic doctor

This 1-2 hour appointment will set our foundation to your future treatments.  During this time we will unfold your entire health story, perform the appropriate physical exams, start Bowen Therapy, and refer for diagnostic lab-work if indicated. Your comprehensive treatment plan will be given in the followup visit and may include a variety of herbs, Bowen therapy, lifestyle/nutritional advice, and supplements (2 follow-up visits minimum are required). 

*Currently, North Carolina health insurance does not cover naturopathic medical services 

*Lab-work and supplements are additional costs. 


Follow-up Visit

20 minute follow-up appointments entail treatments. Everyone's treatment will look different. Yours  is hand-crafted based on our initial intake. Most treatments include a combination of lifestyle counseling (nutrition, sleep, exercise), education surrounding your health concerns, herbal medicine (teas, tinctures), counseling, supplements, homeopathy, and Bowen therapy.

Five and 10 minute follow-up appointments can be booked for questions regarding treatment plans.

Bowen Therapy

bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy sessions are 20 minutes long and consist of a different variation of moves in every appointment.  Please wear athletic clothing and expect to book Bowen Therapy sessions once a week for optimum results.